Whited Update

We know one thing, “God is good, all the time.”  Everything else we are still in the process of figuring out. A year ago we decided to take the verses in Mark 10 seriously and dramatically upped our commitment to Mexico. We sold everything we had in storage in the states and moved into a three acre fenced property with forty-five incredible, beautiful children that God had filled our hearts with love for.  We saw ourselves as a bridge between those in need and those with resources. We immediately got to work and found each child a sponsor in the United States with written letters of encouragement and belief as well as monthly support that provided better education, tutoring, medical care and proper nutrition. Our rich friends exceeded our wildest expectations of support in every way. (If you are reading this on a computer and you have a car then on a global scale you are rich.)

Our next item of business was to begin improving the property and living conditions for both the kids and workers, from planting a garden with a fence around it to new fixtures and tile. The kids were both involved and appreciating each step of the process. What seemed like a list

It was definitely time for a new washer 🙂

of projects that would take years to complete, were dramatically accelerated through the donations of a group headed by Teresa Carney called project “GIVE.”  This project raised money to build a new laundry room, buy a commercial washer, and remodel a dorm room with air conditioning and hot water. Those may seem like small things if you’ve never done laundry for forty-five children using a broken down washer and washboards!

In the midst of teaching flash cards and hand mixing concrete God moved us into a place of “hands on vocational training” of signs, wonders and miracles. While in the community and dealing with people with serious physical challenges and no HMO or Plan B we saw God’s miraculous healing power through the laying on of hands and prayer. We saw God heal an injured knee, restore sight to the blind and break through demonic strongholds.  In the moment, we would cry tears of thankfulness while in His presence and confidently stumble through our poor Spanish and behind closed doors we would tear open our bible and try to find out what had just happened. We’re not sure what your experience is or what you believe, but the God we “thought” we knew was primarily concerned with us not doing bad things. We have now lived in a reality that stands in a stark contrast to that, and have found out how true our opening sentence really is, “God is good… God is really, really good.”

Luciano was bedridden for over a year due to a lack of vision and other ailments, he has now experienced restored vision and mobility! Praise God!!

Life was cruising right along, changes in every area of the home were happening faster than we had ever dreamed. Our vision for the future and what our role might be was growing more grandiose by the day. One night everything changed and we felt, for the safety of our family, that we needed to leave this specific remote area. As we were leaving the country God told us that we would be returning to Mexico but not directly.  Through a series of amazing encounters and relationships, God led us to a school in Redding California that is run by Bethel Church.  The school specializes in equipping people to do what we had been stumbling through on the streets of Mexico for the past year.  We are willing to go anywhere and do anything that God has for us and we feel this two-year school of supernatural ministry will better prepare us for that.  We are still continuing to oversee the child sponsorship program at our children’s home in El Limon as well as lead groups back on one-week mission trips to serve in the home. This is a curve in the road that we did not anticipate when we sat out two years ago, but it is surrounded by peace and a confidence that this was God’s plan all along.

We have been blessed and fortunate along this entire process to be in a position to do missions work without the financial support of an organization or a church. People regularly ask us, how they can contribute to this work. For those of you that would have an interest or feel led to partner with us, Bethel Church has the ability to receive payments and apply them towards tuition and missions.  Click on the link and type in the last name Whited in the “Name of Student” box https://www.ibssm.org/a/donate/search .  This will allow you to choose David or Stacy and lead you to a page to add credit card information and even a box to write an “encouraging note to student”.

Please remember us in your prayers as we navigate through an international move, into a new area that we have yet to even visit. For more regular updates we would love for you to stay in touch with us through: www.thewhiteds.com

www.facebook.com/whitedsworld  and www.twitter.com/davidmwhited

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The Big News

The Whited Family feels so blessed to join the Back2Back team in Monterrey Mexico. Over the last year, the Lord has really pressed upon their hearts to monetarily serve others by sponsoring children through Compassion International as well as give of their time by volunteering at the local retirement center. This only fed and increased their desire to serve more and they felt God leading them to find a missions organization that they could serve with for an entire year alongside their two teenage children. Through a connection with former Back2Back staff member Joanne Arnott they learned of the work being done in Monterrey. After only a few days of visiting the operations in Mexico and getting to meet the amazing staff led by Todd and Beth Guckenberger they knew this is what God had been preparing them for for years. The Hunger 2010 Bible Study by Back2Back quoted Fredrick Buechner, “The place where God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds hunger meet.” They are very excited about being in that place.

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